In this free 1-hour, you'll get answers to the 100 most asked questions I get on how to become a "Full Time Filmmaker" in 2023:



1. Is the video industry too oversaturated? 

2. Can I just teach myself by watching youtube?

3. How do you begin creating a portfolio without clients?

4. How do you land your first client with little or no experience?

5. What should I start out filming? How do I find something to film?

6. How do I make my videos stand out from other businesses?

7. Should I start working for someone else or build my own business? 

8. How long to expect before having a sustainable business?

9. How do you transition from doing free work to charging a fee?

10. How old do you have to be for people to take you seriously in video?

11. Can I use my smartphone to film for clients professionally?

12. What’s the best low budget camera setup to get started?

13. What is the first lens I should buy?

14. When Should I upgrade to better Gear? And How big should I go?

15. What are the ESSENTIAL pieces of gear I should buy for a video business?

16. What does a ND filter, Polarizer and matte box do? Do I need one?

17. Which type of light should I buy first?

18. Which type of microphone should I buy first?

19. What computer specs do I need to edit 4k video?

20. Is it smarter to rent gear or buy gear? Which gear should I rent vs buy?


21. When should I shoot 24fps vs 30fps vs 60fps?

22. Do I need a camera that can shoot at 120fps or higher?

23. Do I need a camera that can shoot 4k?

24. How do I know if my exposure is correct? 

25. How do I know if my white balance is correct?

26. Do I need to shoot in LOG or RAW or can I shoot in a standard profile?

27. How do I keep subjects in focus while doing moving shots?

28. What auto focus settings are best?

29. What are the keys to getting smooth shots with a gimbal?

30. Should I turn on or off IBIS and lens stabilization when using a gimbal?

31. How do I make my images look more cinematic?

32. How do I create depth to my images?

33. What elements make up a well composed image?

34. What focal length of lens should I use and when?

35. What camera Camera Angles should I use and how many?

36. What are the best Camera Movements I should use and when?

37. When to use a gimbal, tripod or handheld?

38. How do I get better at storytelling?

39. How do I create smooth seamless transitions in camera?

40. How good do my videos need to look in order to start landing clients?


41. Which editing software is best? Premiere, FCPX, Davinci?

42. Where do you find your licensed music?

43. Where do you find sound effects?

44. What are the best LUTs to use for grading?

45. How do I know if my color grades are good?

46. What effects to use to fix bad audio?

47. What sites do you use for easy text animations?

48. How do I make my edits more engaging?

49. What are the best export settings so that social media posts don’t lose quality?

50.  How can I sleep up my editing workflow so I can take on more clients? 

51. How crucial is it to post your work on social media to land clients?

52. Which platforms should you post your work on?

53. Is short form social media content a good industry to niche down in?

54. How do I get more views on social media? 

55.  How do I get more views on social media? 

56. How often should I be posting on social media?

57. Do I need to build a large following on social media?

58. How do I convert views into paying clients?

59. Are paid ads effective at landing clients?

60. What elements make up an effective paid social media ad?

61. If you’ve done a free video, how to sell them on the next project?

62. Should I diversify my portfolio or focus on one niche?

63. Which video industry can the most money be made in? 

64. How or Where do I find $3k-$5k per month retainer clients?

65. How to find clients in a small town?

66. Do I need to relocate to a bigger town/market to do this full time?

67. How can I increase the amount of clients I have?

68.  How can I attract HIGHER PAYING clients than what I have?

69. How to deal with toxic clients that want a million revisions?

70. Once a client has worked with me, how do I keep them hiring me?

71. How much should I charge for a video?

72. I’ve been told not to start cheap because then I’ll have trouble raising prices in the future? 

73. How do I increase my prices for clients without making them mad?

74. How to include travel and gear into pricing?

75. What percentage of a production budget should you profit vs. spend? 

76. What if your client isn’t happy with the final video??

77. Do I need to build a website? 

78. For branding, should I use my name or a business name?

79. LLC vs Sole Proprietorship vs S Corp?

80. Do I need to make Contracts for Clients?

81. How do you best market a video business?

82. How to most effectively approach a client?

83. How to Effectively Cold Call/Email?

84. What are some pricing strategies I can use?

85. How do I convince clients that video is worth paying for?

86. How do I negotiate a higher budget without losing the client?

87. Should I make a google business listing? What about joining sites like Vidlead, thumbtack etc?

88. How do I increase my network? (both client pool and other video pros)

89. What are some general marketing strategies to better sell my services?

90. How are some videographers making $50,000 a month and I can’t even land one client?

91.  How to know When to Scale? When to hire?

92. What to Look for in a Good Employee?

93. Where can I find a good remote editor?

94. Employees (w2) vs Contractors (1099)?

95. How to Maximize Profits with a Limited Amount of Time?

96. Should you still do free spec work even when you have consistent clients?

97. How can I go from 5 figures to 6 figures or 6 figures to 7 figures? 

98. How do I stop trading time for money?

99. What are some other revenue streams besides service based videography?

100. What’s your best tip to immediately help me make more money?